A house in Rodanthe, NC has been taken by rising sea levels. The unoccupied home was on stilts that quite literally collapsed, sending the home off to sea. Zillow had the house valued at $381,200.00 with a flood risk rating of 2/10.

We've included a chart that explains flood risk ratings 2 being low, and 10 being at extreme risk for a flood. You can't make this stuff up.

Here's the video which has now gone viral. 

Zillow is out here trying to flip this as a 'house boat.'

The internet was quick to roast Zillow for its negligence.

Twitter then did exactly what everyone expects Twitter to do and it gave us this masterpiece...

"You know who else buckled under tremendous pressure, only to come back stronger than ever? Proving that perseverance is all you really need in life. A little friend of mine you might recognize by the name of Jesus Christ."

There are quite a few metaphors in this video, but I'm guessing little to nothing will actually be learned from it. Just another day on the internet I suppose.