Zion Williamson suffered a painful injury in the UNC Duke Rivalry Week game.

Wednesday's UNC vs Duke game was hotly anticipated. Not only is the men's college basketball rivalry one of the biggest in sports, but the event was hyped to insane levels because of a generational NBA prospect playing for Duke: Zion Williamson.

Unfortunately for all the celebrities and Duke fans in attendance who paid more than Super Bowl prices to be there, this happened on the very first play:

When it was announced Zion suffered a minor sprain and would not return, some people just left. Including one Kobe Bryant:

Rivals of Nike made unsuccessful and distasteful attempts to capitalize on the shoe's failing.

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Most people just wished Zion well. Including a former Duke player who confused him with a national park.

NBA players fed up with the college system attempted to give him advice.

The internet did what is does and memed hard.