This is all too personal for me, as someone who has smoked more weed than I'd like to admit publicly for all the internet, but someone needs to perform a wellness check on the stoners, because what does "zoap flower drenched in zoap love resin and coated in zoap THCA diamonds" even fucking mean? 

According to Leafy, "zoap" is a hybrid strain of flowers made when crossbreeding Rainbow Sherbert and Pink Guava, produced by Deo Farms. Okay, fair enough, that I understand, and hopefully you (stoner or not, can too).  But that still doesn't help me understand what I'm looking at. 

The video, which was posted to Twitter (X) by @zabacannabisco, who refer to themselves as "BAY AREA CANNABIS INNOVATORS" is like one of those pictures that your brain can't quite piece together.  Like, I know that I'm looking at weed, or, at least I think I'm looking at weed, but it is the type of weed that would either put me in a coma or hurry up early-stage dementia, possibly both. 

At a loss for words, the only thing I, and hopefully you, can do is just let the stoners take themselves out because there is no way if my enemies are smoking this shit that they stand a chance.