5 Cosplay Girls Closely Examined


Hey guys, this is SephirothSaiyin64 reporting for duty. Today I'll be reviewing various cosplay girls. Before you sick perverts start fapping, be warned that this article is meant to be a serious analysis of the art form. Shame on you who would dishonor these young women by sexualizing them and their efforts to promote otaku culture through creative expression and battlethongs.

1. Misty


Misty? More like "Mist the mark!" This girl's cosplay has all kinds of mistakes, from the ponytail being on the wrong side of her head to her top being waaaaay too low cut. And she's not even 13 like the real Misty! It's as if her goal wasn't 100% accuracy. Idiot. Nice try, 
psych! Epic fail.

Grade: F
Grade on a curve: D

2. Morrigan Aensland


Succubus? More like "SUCK-A-BUS!" Do you see red lipstick in the official art on the right? Hell no you don't! That's because the real Morrigan's beauty is natural, not artificial like the IRL imitation on the left!

Grade: F
Grade on a curve: C-

3. Cammy White


What's the most noticeable thing in this picture? That's right, there's no elbow-mounted buckler! Big mistake. Also, the gauntlet and bracer look like they were painted with pizza sauce! What kind of girl doesn't own a decent bracer? Hey lady, ever hear of Macy's?

Grade: F
Grade on a curve: F

4. Faye Valentine


Fail. Is this a cosplay of Faye Valentine, or a wookie dressed as a slutty banana? The body hair isn't even purple like the real Faye's would have been if the real Faye had body hair, WHICH SHE DOES NOT. Also, the real Faye doesn't have a weird, swollen crotch like this lady does.

Grade: F
Grade on a curve: D

5. Yoshizuki Iori


This one is actually pretty decent. They look almost completely alike. But the cosplayer's eyes don't take up as much of her face as Yoshizuki Iori's eyes. She made a noble effort, but she can't get an A until she's real anime.

Grade: F
Grade on a curve: B-
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