9 real life ghost stories that will keep you up at night

1. Writing's on the wall
"After living in my new house for five months or so, I decide to take a shower. One of my friends had just slept over. I had taken a crap ton of showers in that bathroom already, so it's not like it was anything new. So I take my shower, get out to dry off, and look at the steamed up mirror.

On the mirror, in PERFECT writing (no human could do with their finger) read something along the lines of "Dear father, please forgive me" I completely forget the rest because I was just so freaked out. But it was terrifying. The bathroom door was locked the entire time, and no one could have got in. It had also never been there any other time I took a shower."

2. Music man
"I was living with my sister and she went away on holiday for a week so I had the house to myself. I was heading to bed and turned out all of the lights. I was laying in bed then I heard what I thought was a guitar being played so I head downstairs to see what the noise was.

I found my guitar laying on the ground and picked it up and put it back on my stand. I go to head back to bed and again I heard the guitar being played. Head back downstairs to find again the guitar lying on the ground. Why was this spooky? It was the 11th anniversary that my dad has been deceased, he loved playing the acoustic as much as I do. Could. Not. Sleep. We also do not own any animals so I don't know how the guitar could have ended up on the ground twice."

3. Mirror, mirror
"A friend of mine moved into a new home. One day while cleaning, he accidentally knocked down a hanging mirror, shattering it into hundreds of pieces. He laid the mirror frame on the kitchen table and went down to the basement to get a broom to sweep up the glass. When he got upstairs, all of the pieces had been lain, exactly to the last piece, back into the frame. My friend had only left the mirror for a minute and there was no one else in the house."

4. A life-saving premonition
"Me (aged 7) my brother (aged 4) and my mother were on our way home from watching a movie. While we are pulling up to our driveway my mum tells us to stay still and not move.

She closes her eyes and looks shaken up about something. She continues to tell us to stay down and be quiet. Then in a hurry, she pulls out of the driveway and drives off while calling my stepfather. My step father was a cop and she told him to come back up to the house. He was asking why and she just adamantly told him to do it. When we got back to the house there was a man being handcuffed and taken away. My step father and a detective were there and were asking her what she saw. She said she'd seen nothing, but that she'd had some sort of vision where a man came out of our bushes, pulled out like a 12 inch blade and forced us into the house.

The detective and my step father were speechless. They stared at my mum and said they had just arrested a man with a 12 inch blade matching the description she gave."

5. A dream come true
"When I was about 12 years old I had a dream shortly before Halloween. In the dream I was out trick-or-treating on Halloween night. I was in this overgrown woody area in my neighbourhood running away from a house a couple of blocks away from where I lived. I realised that I was running from the ghost of a woman when I saw her come flying toward me. I woke up in a cold sweat.

That December I found out that the house that I had been running from in the dream belonged to an older woman. She lived alone and didn't have any family in the area. A friend of my mother's was delivering Christmas cookies and found her dead in the house. They estimated that she had been there since about August. I don't actually believe in ghosts, but it was very strange."

6. The car crash that never happened
"About 20 years ago, my sister, her husband and I had were driving back to her house, going just past a truck stop when an old man stepped out in front of us. Her husband, who was driving, slammed on the brakes and we all started freaking out because the old man had disappeared. My sister and her husband jump out, thinking they'd just killed the man, but there's nothing there. Cop comes along and a few truckers wander over and tell us that it's an almost weekly occurrence. Apparently there'd been an old man who'd lived and later died in the house across the road who used to go over to check his chickens every night before bed."

7. Strange relations
"I never believed in Ouija boards, I thought they were kind of dumb silly fun, but a group of kids on a high school band trip when I was a sophomore in high school were using one because it was Friday the 13th, and I decided to try it. So my friend Darcy and I did it together, and as soon as I touched the thing it started moving really fast. Then it said, 'It's Andy. You are beautiful. Tell your mum I miss her and that I'm happy. I love you.'

My mum had a twin brother Andy who died in a car accident when they were 16. I obviously knew this, but had never told anyone. The only other person doing the Ouija board with me was Darcy and she had no idea who Andy was, and I wasn't moving the pointer."

8. Scary student digs
"This was a house I lived in during my second year of university. A couple days after moving in we chatted to an elderly neighbour who had lived in the neighbourhood for decades and she told us that she couldn't remember anyone living in the house for more than two years, even when it was more of a residential/family neighbourhood than student housing.

The weirdness started in the kitchen. Several time when I was washing dishes I'd see someone come in out of the corner of my eye and hear their footsteps as well. Of course when I turned, there was no one there.

Not long after, one roommate started saying she kept feeling a cat jumping up on her bed and walking around at night (we did not have a cat). A friend who was visiting fell down a few stairs and said she swore she felt someone push her.

Once I was sitting with a roommate and she put her iPod down on the coffee table. I saw her do this. It was gone when she went to pick it up again. We tore apart the whole room looking for it and it had just vanished. It turned up on the couch a month later.

The creepiest incident was when I woke up one morning and my bedside table was two feet away from where it had been. I went downstairs and the first thing my roommate (whose bedroom was next to mine) said was "did you hear the footsteps last night?" She told me she'd heard me go to bed and about an hour later a second set of footsteps climbed up the stairs and into my room, before stopping. The two of us were the only ones home at the time. She never heard anyone leave my room."

9. A fond farewell
"This just happened a few months ago and blew my mind. My elderly Aunt (90+ years old) was not doing well and staying at a nearby hospital when one night I woke up out of a deep sleep. I looked at my clock and it blinked 4:00am, not thinking anything of it I rolled over and immediately fell back asleep.

The next I thing I know I'm in a very vivid dream where I am sitting in my kitchen holding a baby girl. In the dream I'm consciously aware that it's still 4am so I'm awkwardly cradling and shushing the baby as to not cry and wake my parents up.

Suddenly there was a knock on the kitchen door and two men in 1950's style suits, fedoras and pencil thin moustaches were standing outside. Without saying a word I opened the door and gave the newborn to them then watched as they walked down the driveway into the darkness.

I woke up the next morning and immediately remembered everything about the dream. I went down to the kitchen where my mother greeted me with the bad news: 'Our aunt passed away last night at 4am'."

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