A Better Understanding Of Immunity and Parasitic Needs

Just read an interesting article in the New York times, that basically says modern society has done such a fantastic job at immunizing us against disease and destroying our natural parasitic past, that this is the reason we see so much autism, asthma and other inflammatory diseases. If you recall, Dr. Andrew Wakefield was stripped of his licence to practice medicine, for suggesting there was a direct link between a child's immunization shots and autism.  Well, he was wrong, but in fact it was the mother's immunization and lack of exposer to parasites that caused the autism. It seems, it causes an ever so slight increase in inflammation during pregnancy that this is the cause for autism. Perhaps Dr. Parker's work should be re-examined?  Still, this in no way suggests that we not get immunized, but it does mean we need to rebuild our exposer to naturally occurring parasites. 

The research is pointing to the possibility that if western society continues on this path that we may actually divide into two subspecies as reproduced in lab studies using rats and mice. Dr. Parker from Duke University had this to say on the subject as reported by The New York Times.

"Since time immemorial, a very specific community of organisms microbes, parasites, some viruses has aggregated to form the human superorganism. Mounds of evidence suggest that our immune system anticipates these inputs and that, when they go missing, the organism comes unhinged.

Future doctors will need to correct the postmodern tendency toward immune dysregulation. Evolution has provided us with a road map: the original accretion pattern of the superorganism. Preventive medicine will need, by strange necessity, to emulate the patterns from deep in our past."

Perhaps every immunization shot, should come with a sand box for kids to play in?


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