A dilema is at hand!

Hi there, Mike Barrington, San Jose Office

Well it looks like there's a bit of a scuffle going on in the blog section with Politics and such, but let me assure you both sides are right. Too many blogs on Politics and you'll end up Sounding like Wolf Blitzer, or a bad case of the Rush Limbaugh show. We all know what happens with too much? You end up breaking down and resorting to cheap pain pills. But Also the Fact is that you need to have that type of blogging to stir things up a bit a times and keep the momentum going. But enough of this hoopla and let's move on to more important things.

Now some of you may remember that I was under investigation for sexual harassment towards one of my secretary. Well she ended up moving to the finance department and quit a week later. Reason being her new boss Linda, " a 45 year old Cougar and a mutual friend of mine", did me a favor and made her life a complete hell. Well, since she quite no case! I knew an envelopment attack would end this little spheel quick and tonight I'm going out with Linda to return the favor.

But now I'm in a bit of another paradox due to a clubbing scene incident I had Last Friday night. I met a cute Girl named Sandra and I couldn't resist the temptation of feeding her drinks and tearing up the dance floor with her. It was a gas. But we stayed at the Sheridan that night and the magic happened, Black Magic that is. Turned out my Secret Sly Ninja move of pulling out didn't work to great that night due to the case of the Jacks fine Barrel shooters and I made an oops. It gets worse.... 2 days later I found out she was 17! Now, by no means would I go after the young ones but she was at a club 21 and over. And thank god I know the manger and bouncers so I'm confident they'll vouch for their number 1 customer. But this looks bad for the firm and Corporation.  

Two days later I met with her mother to explain my situation and give my apologies but the little devil took over and well I kind of gave her the good old Barrington treatment over some Brandy / Hornsbee Cider and risotto and yet another Sheridan visit and now I got two girls, Mom and daughter, that want to keep this going! I'm kind of lost at the moment to say the least.  Any suggestions? Tell you what, Anyone that comes up with any good tactics to escape the ordeal look me up via Outlook and we can set up a meeting and discuss this in detail at a good Irish Bar " Shenanigans in Boston"   over some Potato Wedges and Irish Car bombs.

Hopefully all this works out. If not I'll have to lie low in oversea's buissness meeting for awhile.

Mike Barrington, San Jose Office

Uploaded 09/27/2009
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