A Man Needs To Know His Place

And the place is at the woman's feet. It's amazing how many chicks don't keep their man on a short leash. Every man needs to be reminded that they are inferior to women. It was like that since milleniums. How do I know? Who went hunting? Men. Men did the shit work and brought women presents. Did a princess work? Hell no. The knights killed each other for the lady of their heart.

What you need to do so that the man knows his place? Belittle him on any occasion you get. "You call that clean?" "Move your ass and fix the stairs!" "Why do you keep watching the tv instead of taking me out?" You get the deal. Be sure they know they are being monitored, even though you don't give a shit. Ask him where he was, even though he went to buy the groceries. Ask him what took him so long. Men are swines. They always try to find attractive chicks and cheat on you.

Be sure not to bring him anything he asks for. He wants you to bring him beer? Say "am I your fucking butler?" Don't let him get accustomed to you doing anything for him. Be sure to tell him (yes, TELL, never ask) to rub your feet when you're watching something together and when you're hungry or thirsty tell him to go get you something. If he says he's tired or some shit, say you don't wanna date a lazy wimp and you can tell already how he's gonna be -  threaten him you'll break up because he can't even go bring you a bottle of soda. Be creative. Be sure that he feels you're in charge and he's your servant. Don't take pity on him. Men are for serving women.

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