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well guys, here it goes.  I am going on a rant. I love my job to death but I hate people. My job unfortunately requires me to deal with people commonly refered to in my buisness as the "end user".  I help our IT team manage over 3000 individual users.  They range from VIP's to lowly interns.  We make sure that they have a company laptop/desktop and that they are placed securely onto the network with a secure ID and that they and their information is secure.  That is the easy part.  They tend to break things, they tend to corrupt the information, they tend to download viruses, and other such things.  We are always on our toes here.

The users themselves can be sometimes friendly or sometimes can just be plain assholes.  The nice ones are easy to get along with and have learned that age old rule dont fuck with the guy who fixes your shit. If you are like me, and you actually can fix most things by yourself so I dont deal with other guys who fix things too often, but when I do I definately do not fuck with them. Some people can be just strait assholes some days.  Where I work our team knows the assholes already and we all hate to do things for those users because it will never be fun. They always want something for nothing. We have protocalls to follow and they thing that when they call you once for a specific issue that you are there to help them the rest of the day, and when you tell them that they must issue a ticket for every other issue they have they get pissed, and do they talk to your boss?  No!, they talk to your bosses bosses boss...and then it becomes a shit storm super quick and it never ends well for us because the IT guys are always the ones at fault.

All of that only gets worse when the user does not speak english very well at all. where I work they have insourssed a good chunk of india, china, russia, ireland, netherland, and god knows where else to work here.  most of them you have no problem understand because well they learn english before they come here.  The indians can speak english but they speak so softly  and mumble through their sentences that you cant understand a word they say.  The russians are almost as bad except that they actually speak up andtalk with a very heavy accent. Really, it is only one russian user who is like this. But again wants something for nothing every single time.

The thing is, anything that goes wrong is never their fault. They ask the most retarted questions and get help for the most retarted things. ( my monitor is blank, what do I do?  Turn it on....) Seriously folks sometimes.....

But I digress. 

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