Am I insane or did I hear a ghost?

I went up to the Adirondack Mountains in early May this year to do a week of hiking to get lost in the woods and my thoughts.  For those not familiar with the Adirondacks its close to Albany, NY and is an 8 million square mile state park.  You can manage to not see another person for days and sadly people get lost in those mountains and around the local towns and are never seen again.  When I was hiking the mountains I had my share of "omg's" because I was alone.  I don't recommend hiking alone but I was willing to take a calculated risk (I'm also very experienced in the field).  I got lost a few times but always managed to find my way.

Anyways, I planned my trip for 7 nights 8 days.  On the 6th night I was tired and somewhat dehydrated.  I stayed at a designated camping spot and starting unpacking my gear to setup my tent for the night.  I felt like something was watching me.  It's like a 6th sense that people have.  I grabbed my utility knife and scouted the immediate area.  Nothing.  No illegal shelters, no signs of a living area, no tracks in the soft ground, definitely no other campers in that area (pretty uncommon for hikers in that area during this time of year on a weekday).  I was freaked out because I was sure something was watching me.  As I was unpacking I kept saying, "come at me bro".  Okay, maybe not "come at me bro" but the words coming out of my mouth were pretty filthy.

Then I heard something call my name.  Not once but 3 times.  It was as if the words were coming from the trees.  Maybe I was just super hyped up and paranoid but it freaked me out.  I packed up my gear and walked back to my car that night.  I didn't walk, I did a pack run.

I've gone back to the Adirondacks for longer time and never experienced this again.  But I never went back to the area where I heard something calling my name.  Anyways, it freaked me out and I don't freak out easy.  Feel free to leave me a troll comment below or add something if something like this has happened to you.
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