Best of 2010

My name is mbird22. This is my Best of 2010 submission. I'm an alcoholic.

Here they are in no particular order:


Man Describes Dog Attack

I love his wifes reaction... or lack thereof.


Epic Cerebral Palsy Kid

I could never watch this without laughing.

Grandpa Gaga Dance

This video is so great, I lost control of my bowels at 1:50.



Orgasmic Reaction to Giant Double Rainbow

It was almost a triple rainbow. Too bad. I haven't weeped that hard since I first had sex.


Dog Humps Stuffed Animal

He reminds me so much of myself, I had to share it.


A Real American Badass

Who the hell is Chuck Norris?


Kid Pissed Off From Bad Zoo Visit

I usually hate pissy kids, but there's just something about this youngster that I like. (no pedo)

Pissy Pants Pass Out

This is where I hope to be in 30 years.

Business Man vs. Cyclist

I'm not sure why I like this video, but I do.


Intense Crazy Old Asian Guy Karaoke

I feel like this guy shouldn't handle knives.


The Following two videos are my runners up. Now that I think of it, I should have put "Crazy Voice" in place of "Double Rainbow".

Crazy Voice

I love this guy's voice! (no homo) It would be 100x better if that that chick shut her yapper.

Double Dream Hands!
lol I had to add this because it reminds me of my grade school plays.

Thanks for checking out my submission for the Best of 2010. Can I borrow a $10 spot?

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