Bible Guy

Well, I said I have more stories about this guy, so here we go.  I'll go back to the beginning.  Early 1999.  I’m just a couple months into my job.  I’m just starting to get comfortable with the people around me.  The Blair Witch Project is new in theaters, and I thought the little stick figure they used was kinda cool, so I drew one up real quick in the paint program and made it my desktop.  Bible Guy comes walking past and sees it.  He asks if it’s an anti-christian symbol, and I tell him I don’t know.  It could have been, I really had no idea.  Without giving me a chance to explain that it was just something from a movie, and that it had no meaning to me, he informs me that I’m gonna have to take it down until he can research it and make sure it isn’t something anti-christian.

I said, “shouldn’t that work the other way?  You go research it, figure out if it means anything before you decide that it offends you, and then demand that I take it down.”

He says, “I can’t believe you would have something anti-christian displayed like that.  Take it down or I’ll call HR.”

I said, “Bible Guy, do you have a cross hanging near your desk?  You need to take it down, it offends me.  Don’t make me call HR on you.”


Uploaded 09/23/2008
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