Caption Contests, and how badly they suck.



Seriously... Let's re-vamp the voting process for these contests....


There are losers who will make a caption and then they stay in the feature for the next 3 days doing nothing but thumbing everyone down.  Hoping theirs stays higher on the list. 


This is annoying and results in winners that have -275 thumbs down votes.


That's pathetic!  Come on admins!!!!


Here is my suggestion.  DISABLE THE THUMBS DOWN ON THE CAPTION CONTESTS!!!!!!  Easy Fix!!!!


Change the code of the page so that only thumbs up are registered.  Then we will only have captions that are in the positive.  Then if someone wants to win, OTHERS MUST THUMB THEM UP, and they can't skew the contest by voting everyone else down.


Then we could choose from those who were thought to be the best WINNERS, and not the LEAST LOSER out of 2,000 LOSERS.


Think about it admins!  and bring back the Photoshop contests!  You can't scam and cheat as easily at those, and it showcases real talent, not how long you are willing to stay and thumb people down.


I miss demotivationals, and busty myspace and Photoshop contests.


The only things we still have are flawed horribly.... Caption Contests, and getting featured.


Please get the word out to the admins, though I seriously doubt they give a crap, that having a winner of a contest with hundreds of negative votes looks..... just retarded....


I am HunterDad, and I really wanna see these caption contests showcase the actual GOOD COMMENTS.....

Uploaded 01/16/2009
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