Community Update - eBones, Visa Gift Cards, and More!

Hey everyone.


Last week was pretty entertaining week. Baseball season is back in full swing and I got some mean emails. All in all, it was a pretty good week. Let’s break everything down.


New Mods! (oh my)


Probably the biggest thing that has happened here is the addition of 10 new mods. While you guys are all still trying to guess who they are, they have been actively doing what they said they do best; mod. I will bring on more in the near future, consider this the first wave.


Remember if you ever need to complain about your comment being deleted, you can reach out to me by PM or email ( and we’ll get it figured out.


Best of the Worst Mod Applications


Speaking of mods, we had over 300 applications. As we lose mods, I will dive into the applications to replace them.


I received a bunch of great ones, but these were my absolute favorite.


Why do you want to be a mod?


Because my crotch smells like a meat pie and I’m currently single.


I’m a complete asshole.


Because I really don’t give a fuck how much your mum makes.


For Mod Robot Sex? Is it a thing? This is for sex isn’t it?


I don’t. Fuck you.


I don’t unless its a paid position, in which case I’ll be the best you ever had. I do anal.


eBones & Visa Gift cards


I completely understand how pissed off you must be for not receiving your Visa cards in a timely manner. I am doing everything I can to get those all paid off as soon as possible. As some of you (probably a small amount) have noticed, we just got confirmation that your card is on its way. I know there are still a ton of you missing your cards. Just know that I am doing everything I can to get those paid out and that it is my top priority.


Quick Survey



And to end things, this was my favorite comment of the week.



"Getting fucked in the ass isn’t gay if its a girl penis." - GregsDad

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