Darkness Falls 4

I momentarily froze...

As that smile broke out across that bastard's face everything came rushing back. I had spent the last three long years trying to put the images and sounds of what had happened that terrible night out of my head, tried to forget about getting any semblance of revenge for what had happened to my wife and my children. I had, almost shamefully, pushed away the memories of the acts that I had endured and attempted to eke out some meaning to what was left of my now empty existence. My hermitic lifestle for the past year at the cottage had healed my waking nightmare somewhat. I had almost come to terms with the fact that I could never have taken them on by myself, that their strength was too great, that their numbers too many. But now, tired of running, and painfully reminded of the atrocities that had befell myself and my innocent family, an imaginary switch had been turned on, both in my head, and in my heart, and I was now resolute in killing every last one of these rotten fucks or die in trying.


It had been a Sunday night, about five weeks after everything had seemed to be back to normal after the initial outbreak had died down. I had been putting out the garbage and had stopped to breathe in the night air. The news reports were all positive that the virus had disappeared and for the first time in ages I believed that I could relax, that my family were safe from harm and that we could get on with our lives again. I remember that it had seemed strange to me that the bins smelled extra terrible that night and as I turned to go back inside the house I caught a flurry of movement out of the corner of my eye. Six shadowy figures raced from the trees at the bottom of the garden in my direction. Running for the house I tried to close the door behind me but failed. The back door slammed against the wall, the glass shattered around me and falling backwards my head bashed against the wall. As I crumpled to the floor the last thing I remember before blacking out was the sight of someone walking towards me from the back yard and the sound of a hoarse gargled laugh.


I woke up sometime later and found myself, mouth gagged, tied to a chair in my kitchen, the single light above me swinging haphazardly around me revealing a wide array of horrors from every corner of the room....oh dear Jesus..nooooo!

Uploaded 10/07/2009
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