Dental Hygiene

Do you brush and floss regularly? If not, keep reading.

We should floss and brush our teeth daily to remove food particles, on which bacteria can feed.

If we don't, then those food particles, mixed with saliva, forms plaque around your teeth and below the gum-line. That plaque is still removable with brushing, but hardens with time. Within a couple of days, that plaque has now turned into tartar, which can no longer be removed by brushing alone.

The tartar now unremovable, the bacteria within it will continue to spread, and those bacteria emit toxins. Your mouth is now being poisoned, continuously. Soon, the gums will get infected, bleed, swell, and hurt, which is called gingivitisCavities will begin to form in the teeth. Left untreated, gingivitis becomes periodontitis, a severe form of gum disease. The gums will shrink, the teeth will start to decay and loosen, and continuous pain is a real posibility. Chewing or drinking cold beverages can become intolerable.

With advanced gingivitis and periodititis, bacteria can get into the bloodstream and spread elsewhere. Endocarditis is a severe infection of the lining of the heart and is life-threatening. YOU COULD DIE!    -Boy, that escalated quickly

To conclude: Go see a dentist. Get a cleaning. Ask him how to floss and brush properly. Make flossing and brushing a daily routine. It's hard at first, but it is absolutetly worth it. After all, your health is at stake. And if anything, you'll save a whole lot of money. (a root canal treatment can be 1000 bucks PER tooth)

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