Do You Want To Get Roasted?


Hey guys and gals, so we are having our very own Roast and we need pictures of your ugly mugs to make fun of. If you want to be involved you can upload a picture of yourself, holding a piece of paper with your username. If you don’t want to upload your image directly to the site you can email them to Please tag all uploaded submissions with (RoastContest). 


After we go through all the submissions we will choose the most roast worthy one and then the contest will begin. I know what you're thinking, “why would I upload an image of myself to this shit site”, and you're right, you’d be walking right into what many people avoid on a day to day basis, public ridicule, but I urge you to reconsider. What’s the worst that could happen?  Well, besides the increasing feeling of depression due to people exposing your flaws or the anxiety of being bullied by your fellow eBaum’s users.


 In the meantime, while we are going through submissions, feel free to roast anyone who is brave enough to upload a picture of themselves because they definitely deserve your ridicule.



Good day and happy roasting.

Uploaded 02/26/2016
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