Dog Rescued After A Decade Alone And Unloved

For the past couple years a Phoenix resident named Jared Piper noticed a dog chained up in a dry, desolate yard.  With temperatures regularly reaching 120 degrees (Fahrenheit) and having little more than some shade to escape the heat, Jared knew he had to do something.

In three years Piper had never seen anyone interacting with or showing affection to the dog.  As a result of his solitude the dog was poorly socialized and would growl when Jared got close.

It was a very slow process, but eventually, with some time and plenty of treats, the dog began to warm up to Jared, and soon became friendly and affectionate.

The dog had some serious medical issues, including several visible tumors.  Jared knew just spending a few moments with the dog wasn't enough, so he decided to rescue this poor lonely dog.

Jared contacted the owner informing her of the dog's serious medical conditions and what she was doing was animal cruelty.  The owner laughed at him and said "the dog's been out there for 10 plus years".  She told Jared the dog would bite him if he got too close, but he could take the dog.


It was clear to Jared this dog had never been off the leash to play.  Never gone for a walk.  Never had his human hug him or play fetch with him.  10 years alone, unwanted, unloved.


Video: Watch The Rescue Of Rusty Diamond


Rusty is doing great and is very happy in his new forever home with his new family.

If you're considering getting a pet, please visit your local shelter / SPCA as there are thousands of animals that need a good home.  If you can't have animals but would like to help out, consider donating to The ASPCA or other animal rescue organization.

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