Don't Let Legalising Marijuana Turn USA Into Shit

Since there's still a lot of uneducated druggies supporting the legalisation of marijuana despite my impeccable arguments against it, he's a great example of what the legalisation of all drugs led to in Portugal.

Portugal, as well as many other South American countries, is known to be one of the world's greatest supporters of drugs. Because of the cartels getting billions of dollars from the drug sales, the Protuguese government decided to legalise all the drugs. How did it turn out?

The most common argument from Ron Paul and his supporters is that the drug lords get money from selling pot and don't pay tax. If marijuana would be legal, the country could tax it. They did that in Portugal and... 

Currently there are no drug lords in Portugal, since they aren't criminals. They are called businessmen. They have drug factories and distribute cocaine, marijuana and amfetamin (or however you spell that shit) all over the country. Have a look at a typical Portuguese school below.


Yup. 90% of the kids turned gangster and do drugs. Because they are legal. Did you notice something? Yes, guns are also legal there. That sucks, doesn't it? Looking at young people becoming gangsters. Imagine that happening in USA. 

Use your brain. Don't let the propaganda convince you that legalising narcotics is a great idea. It would grant the marijuana dealers the right to walk around schools and sell the drug to children. Would you want that?

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