Dont read this. You might have to SUCK IT!

As about 75 of you know I wrote my first blog on this website, well, on the internet for that matter.  I checked back today just see if anyone had bothered to read it.  I was quite supprised to find that a handfull of people had.  Some had even bothered to write comments.  Some comments were only there to inform me of grammatical errors I had made on something that I had written in five minutes.  This is a blog, not a dissertation.  Some people wrote things as simple as welcome but most of these people are dicks; which I dont beleive to be true.  Some people are just douche bags.

For Example: User BLee941.

I checked you out. You are a 16 year old Douche with a capital BAG.  You wrote that you are an avid weightlifter and training in MMA.  I love it when people devote so much of their life to something that will amount to no capital gain what so ever.  Furhtermore(SP), whatever capital gain you do recieve I'm sure you will spend on steriods that will further shrink the little dick you already have.  Its like when people spend a ton of money on a meaningless tattoo.  They never ask themselves how they might feel about when they are in the 50's.  I don't see alot of 50 year olds bragging about their grateful dead tattoos. 

While I was checking out your profile I also read your comments on other people's blogs.  None of your comments were positive at all.  Every single on of them was negative.  I also noticed that while you usually call people out on small grammatical errors to make yourself feel smarter you fail.  You begin every sentence with the exeption of the first sentece with a lower case letter.  I thought that somebody with your vast knowledge of the english laguage would know that sentences start with capital letters.

To all that read this you have probably seen this guys profile around.  He spreads his dark cloud pretty generously.  I just mearly wanted to point out that he is a worthless douche bag.  Anyone who is familiar with him or recieved a comment from him would agree I'm sure.  I just happened to be the one willing to devote an entire blog to his King Doucheness. 

To everyone else, I thought you were real solid.  I look to forward to eventually everyone's responses especially BLee941's response, comment, or whatever because I know that steriod breath will be enraged.  Hopefully he wont destroy his computer in anger before he has a chance to defend himself.

Later Dudes.  Raise your fist with me in my journey of hypocracy.

Kaneecheewaa Bitches.

Uploaded 10/18/2008
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