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First of all when I get down to it I honestly think that lord_infamous is really eastside dave, possibly XchildmolesterX also. Maybe when eastside dave says he's out getting drunk, he's actually getting drunk off of us. Maybe it's possible that he is every ebaumer around you. every time we respond to a comment any comment, your only fueling daves thirst for eating us alive, So eastside_dave is watching you whenever you login he knows whenever you blog he knows. He might even be watching me as I right this blog right now! Maybe he is me, what if its him in my mind telling me what to write and how to write it. He's in all of our heads next time before you write a comment, know that it isnt really you writing it. Nobody can be saved he's already inside all of us each word we write is only fuel for him every picture or video we submit is making him stronger the more users come the more people he brainwashes. We are all his slaves it's him thats tempting us to come back to this website everything is of his doing. Every spell check you make is because of him, every time you login is because of him. Every message you send on meebo is really going to him, every comment you write is going to him he reads every word you type of every single day. He is the reason you just got fired, he wants you to be home more often. Hes not only in us he is the internet he is in your keyboar, in the speakers and in the very screen that your senslessly staring at right now. There is no avoiding him he controls everything, when you sleep he controls your dreams, he  controls your friends family and everything around you. He is in the air you breathe in the carpet you walk upon. He is the food you eat he is the water you drink and worst of all he is you! He monitors your thoughts he controls your actions, he is unstoppable in every way imaginable, he creates your limits your strength and your knowledge. Everything around you is of his doing there are no real mistakes and there are no real slips of the tongue, or slips of the foot, everything was supposed to happen because of him. He is the main computer, he is the government, he is eastside_dave!

Uploaded 07/18/2009
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