Enough with the Whining Already!

Everyone knows I'm a southern bell who just loves Obama. Yes sir, little ol' me likes a black democrat president. Well, "how come" says you. It's not always been that way, when my hours were cut so that my employer wouldn't have to pay my Obama care I was spitting mad. One thing led to another and I eventually lost my job. But did I whine and bitch? No sirree, I pulled myself up by the bootstraps and started cleaning houses.
One client was a full fledged colonel and when he saw how this whipper snipper could get the job done he went and offered me a full time position at Homeland Security to operate drones to save America. I took my training seriously, I didn't whine about the long eight hour days or getting up a 8:00 Am. Now I'm proud to say, I am a fully trained, well paid staff member of Homeland security with full health benefits thanks to Obama and his plan. 
There have been some complaints from around America about how Municipal workers are having their hours cut from 35 to 29 so that the cities can avoid paying Obama care. Like get off your high horses already, why should street sweepers and pot hole fixers get good paying jobs with great health care when the cities can't afford it? And why should I as a citizen pay more taxes because those lazy city workers want the world handed to them. This entitlement mentality must stop before it's too late.
To those who are loosing hours and therefore benefits, I say follow in my footsteps, work hard, show you are serious and are willing to do anything to get ahead. And most of all grow up! Bunch of cry babies!

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