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As you've probably noticed if you looked in the trending blogs box, my Expressionless blog got over 6 000 views in a few hours. This is one of my favorite blogs I've ever written because it tells an excellent story. A horror story and an urban legend.

Why didn't I simply copypaste the story onto my site you ask? I'm not trying to go for eBones here because I managed to start my own website that's successful and is getting thousands of views every day. This is an example of how you should promote quality writing. It's not that your website is the only place you can get your blog featured (although it has a great ring to it, you must admit - "featuring your own blogs").

Blogs rarely get featured on Ebaumsworld. I had my blog on the main page before and it's not unusual for my blogs to be getting thousands of views, even on a website that focuses mainly on pics and clips. My blogs were featured on Reddit before. I encourage you to write passionate and meaningful articles - they will find their readers easily, especially now that there's so many ways to promote them - facebook, for example. 

Many of you have been asking me about my website. About featuring your blogs there - it is possible, although I focus on submitting the material there that I provide. Guest blogs might be a great idea, though. To those who wanted to write on my website - you're free to comment there and to start discussions. The live chat is at your disposal, as well. Don't take the extreme selection of the content on my website personal - it's to ensure quality of the posts that has given my site so many visitors.

If you need some tips on blogging here or how to start your own website, be sure to pm me the question.

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