Female apologists need to vanish or else ...

With the sudden influx of minorities into the once beloved United States of America, it is safe to assume that white people are gradually becoming the victims of affirmative action and processes similar of that ilk. Simply put, being white is an irrelevancy - you want that CEO job? Too bad ... the black man, who is just as qualified as you, is more important. Do you want to drink from that water fountain? Too bad ... the oriental, who is just as thirsty as you, must drink first. 

Nowadays, however, being white is being accommodated with sex (not necessarily GENDER but by biological sex) as white MEN are becoming the targets of discrimination and scrutiny. As the title suggests, I will only elaborate on why I detest female apologists, that mostly comprise of men who shop at Whole Foods and watch "The X-Factor" and "American Idol" religiously. 

To those who I have mentioned, why? Why do you feel the need to support women? We need to abandon the whole notion of chivalry and start treating women like how we treat men. Stop holding doors open for women, stop saying "please" and "thank you" to your counterparts, and stop forcing yourselves to open up your emotions to these succubi ... we are men, damn it. We have been empowered with testosterone, a hormone that grants us hairy legs, hairy scrotums, hairy assholes, big muscles, deep voices, and chiseled faces. 

Today, I witnessed a male being physically AND emotionally whipped by his female counterpart. The witch was literally holding a whip, forcing her male counterpart to purchase a copious amount of jewelry with HIS credit card. It was quite a disgusting sight as I had to quickly return to my quarters and spew my morning breakfast feast! The man in this given situation exemplifies the wrongful mentality that most men possess nowadays: women were once bounded to the kitchen and were once treated like slaves so this is now payback for what we, the white men, once did. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! 

I can guarantee my fellow readers this ... when I become president of the United States in 2045, I will ABOLISH the Nineteenth Amendment and approve of a new amendment where women will be forced to inhabit the kitchen PERMANENTLY. Women will be forced to have their mouthes shut at all times and their legs spread when requested. If a woman disobeys her superior male counterpart, she will be forced to sit through an entire football game (or hockey game, for my fellow Canadians) with her MOUTH TAPED SHUT AND HER HANDS READY TO SERVE HER MALE COUNTERPART A SANDWICH, A BEER, OR A HAND JOB. This is in fact an ideal society as MTV would finally air music videos (as opposed to Kardashian/Makeup tutorials/whatever), Korea would be united as one country, and Pepper Peanut would finally come out of the closet. 

... and the above could all be prevented if the female apologists would apologize to the white men who are trying to get by in society. Now, female apologists, get on your knees and reveal your true colors. **This message has been brought to you by the AndrewRyan for President 2045 campaign**

Uploaded 12/01/2011
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