I ain't got nottin but luv for y'all. Llllluuuuuvvvv. All o' y'all. And that includes
the trolls, the haters, the blog whores, the uploaders, the commenters, even BigBadBaldie. Baldiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee i wuv uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu buddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
Even that mothafucka "theNexxxxxtt", who is somewhere in Chile ignoring my ass, hey pal i been here 2 fuckin years u ain't never replied to my buddy alerts i wanna
know how come, .....i been smoking weed, i got so much looovee for my fellow man and animal right now, hell, i even got love for Tomlet. Tomleeeetttt u mothafucka ! u reading this  ???! !!
Probaly thinking that what i write is some "unreadable crap" and yet he can't help but read this horseshit right here,  i'm a little high, i ain't gon lie, 
Letemdangle, can u tell us once and for all which one of the two is the best ? french speaking or english canada :? cos u keep travelling between the two places n shit, u know what i'm saying ? just
make up ur mind, man u can write u some mean blogs but u can't choose avatars for SHIT ! the new hamster one with a carrot Is pretty good but the others ? ? roosevelt with an spider on his head ??! after those two horrible ones u had previously ? some little demon opening an eye and the obama one ,
 if you ask a canadian stutterer where he's from , he'll probably say to you : ccc--cccc-cccc-ccc- canada , i am so dizzy goddamn it and so happy too, jesus , i aint' advocating the use of marijuana but god damn!
Eating week is more powerful than smoking it i reckon, mothafuckin mushrooms are next! i think u need weed before mushrooms so u don't have a bad trip, cos the psychedelic
 trip can go either way and it lasts like, a long time and u can't just shut it off, 

this song right here is pretty good for gettnig high one of

Uploaded 07/12/2011
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