Hello World

A simple statement from a simple concept made on a computer and sent around the world while online. Learn how to fish, and you will be able to feed yourself for a long time. Now these two concepts are about ingenuity and progress. Today I learned something. What if you did write to the world and wanted to remain anonymous? Or what about fishing, what if someone followed your every steps from you learning how to fish, to following every little footstep you take that leads you to your best fishing hole, and what if they looked where you are looking? Wouldnt you feel creept out? Would you wonder why they followed you? You ask yourself, why did they record my steps and why did they record my banking information? That does sound strange. It especially sounds strange to me considering I have fought in the military in two different wars to protect freedoms of the American people.
Freedoms.. Yes! That sound or charge of every patriotic soul in America, but really, do we have those freedoms still? It seems that since a group of people put fear and outrage through every American heart, our freedoms have steadily been lost. The have been lost by not a sword or gun, but by a pen, and by people who appearantly loved the McCarthy hearings. Today marks a day where those in the government who makes our laws are passing an article that would record every one of our little steps online. That means that even turning on the computer which is connected digitally or even cellphones with the wireless provision will be TRACKED! Yep, tracked every minute of every day by our ISPs because they have to. And the storage necessary for that information will be of course handed down to consumers.
It is a shame really. I dont really feel safe or free when all my information is being kept by an ISP for law enforcement for every year I have the priveledge of buying bandwidth to be connected globally. What does this mean when we lose these freedoms? To some it would be a good thing to get those terrorists! But I am not a terrorist, I am a patriot who fought to be free. I dont want another watchdog group having my information, from credit card numbers to bank information, to the time I accidently clicked on a porn site. (Or when it wasnt an accident). Everyday I like to be free and protected, but not by someone taking every little thing I do and recording it. I feel upset about this. Sure I could just disconnect from online, but how many of us bought pizza or a special gift for someone? You want that information in the hands of law enforcement? They have no need for that. And to have it all year long too.
I dont know what to do. I see this country of mine fall into its own traps by people who have zero experience. I propose that there be a commitee set up at every one of these laws in the making, not by political people and the true terrorists-lobbyists, but a commitee made up of people who know the business from working within it. I dont want a 60 year old guy voting for a telecommunications bill when he hasnt even touched a computer in his life but for that one time he emailed his granddaughter. Or when he had someone to make him a website so he can get exposure. I feel better and safer when people in the know make conscienciouis decisions based on what the public would need. And not have any law that is fear based. How many asians went into enterment camps during World War II? And why didnt that many Germans? Its profiling and fear, and it is happening to us online by people who dont know the language and are afraid.
I myself dont usually like politics, but this legislation affects me heavily because my livelyhood is online. I am a patriot not a terrorist. Please dont record me, gather my information, for I have rights, either digitally or bodily. I dont want my information stored in one place for the real terrorists to take. Really, does Al Queda and the Taliban have super computer centers for gathering ambiguous data from arbitary Americans?
Uploaded 01/06/2012
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