Holiday Office party and New Years Resolution

Hi there, Mike Barrington, San Jose Offices.   Well Ladies and Gentlemen, the holidays are over, and we all stay in the spirit till the new year. I know I was was definitely in the giving mood before X-Mas at the corporate holiday party!   Like any company holiday party, it's starts slow. But then the booze comes out and magic the happens. Let me tell you, I invented a new drink called the zombie head shots. All it is,  a double shot of Chrystal skull vodka mixed with insta coolaid "red". It was a real hit with the ladies as well.   
Moving on  
I ended up that night with a reprimand. Turns out, Hanky panky on the boss's desk isn't a good thing with 2 drunk exchange Chinese interns, but hey, the bathroom stall was occupied, and I don't like my office smelling of vagina lingering. The boss though was pissy about it a little, but kept feeding the beast zombies and he had a fuzzy night. So another slap on the wrist. Lap dances at the stripclub downtown helped ease his mind of the balding little fat man as well. He paid for it or well the companies credit card did at least! At least he was happy in the end, and well hungover. It was a good Christmas.
  I've also decided this new years for a resolution. It's been years now and the last resolution stuck for about 2 days. But this year is going to be different. I plan on using condoms. I hated wearing the blasted things but had a scare four months ago and a friend told me and I quote "I need to be responsible, I've been lucky and dodged to many bullets and karma is due" or some fortune telling nonsense like that. Either way gypsy talk scares me.
  I say proper planning before storming the beach, makes out for a win in the end. Reality is, this resolution will maybe stick for about 3 days at most but I'll give it a werel.   Hope everyone has a good new years.   Dancing at Vanity club and shooters in Vegas? Look me up Via iGoogle corporation and fax me a memo for a reminder and we will discuss proper procedures for patenting my Zombie head shots.   
  Mike Barrington, San Jose Offices .
Uploaded 12/28/2011
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