I can't wait for SOPA.

SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is possibly the greatest thing to happen to America since the prohibition on alcohol - we need more people in support of this fine bill. 

Scumbags, pirates, the rednotes, the tyaedas ... all of the lowlife losers who persistently steal content from helpless artists and whatnot are going to pay for their morbid actions - take rednote, for example. The scumbag has admitted to illegally downloading pornographic material from various torrent sites, which will be a big NO NO once SOPA passes and is fully enforced. Rednote, the toilet scrubber at Best Buy, will be thrown into prison for twenty ... heck, maybe even thirty years for his actions! He'll get to know Big Bubba quite well as rednote will be embellished with the name of "soap dropper." 

What about eBaum's World? Oh ho ho! eBaum's World (or should I say eBum's World) is one of the biggest culprits in regards to this act. Think of all of the content that is stolen from various networking sites that is ultimately profited by PepperScammer and his Zionist cohorts (MacDreidel, EastsideDave, etc. etc.). These individuals will be persecuted to the highest extent of the law - Gabbiemexicanaputa, PepperScammer, UsedCondomMan ... they will ALL be thrown in jail for their actions. No more eBaum's World! This site will be wiped off the Internet and will hopefully be replaced by some government propaganda website. 

What about poor, defenseless, and innocent tyaeda? Aw, poor cute little girl - cuddling with her cats  ... or IS SHE? Tyaeda has admitted to STEALING CAT VIDEOS FROM CAT WEBSITES ... put two and two together, people, she's going to the brink and she'll be tossed around like a ragdoll at a dog convention! TYAEDA IS DONE FOR - she's a thief, a liar, and a slut. People, she's taking your money, along with rednote and eScam World. WAKE UP! SUPPORT SOPA, PUT THE SCUM WHERE THEY BELONG TO LOWER THE NATIONAL CRIME RATE AND BOOST ANNUAL GDP!!!!!!

... oh, by the way, the Internet is serious business, right letemdangle? Ha ha ha.

Uploaded 01/18/2012
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