I Don't Want You.

I don't want to ask you to drinks,
A dinner, a kiss, a smile and  "No, thanks."
I don't want you beside me at the movies,
That ends with The End, then you're off with a new me.

I don't want you in my dreams,
For me to wake from and want for such things,
I don't want you undressing before me,
Glancing at the clock, leaving on earrings.

I don't want to tout "Baby, please" and, "No I insist!"
Or make the promises, with roses and kisses.
I don't want to say, "Oh you look so pretty",
So I can show you off out in the city,

I don't want to write poems about you,
As though you didn't already know the girl that is you.
So while they make all these gestures and swoon and cavort,
I'll smile at you as they come up far short.

And I will lean in closer when daylight is forming,
So I hear your breath when you begin to whisper; "Good morning..."
And your eyes will open with mine,
As you finish saying to me, " Sunshine,"

And I'll look you in those eyes as you tell me what you fear,
Grabbing my arm when I'm near.
I'll give you me, when you want me, or need me.
You'll have that; you already do,
Always, I'm here.
Uploaded 06/13/2012
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