I'm fine, bitch.

I'm fine. 

No truer words have been spoken - Mr. Spader alludes to the fact that we will all be fine in the end. Seriously, everybody needs to take a chill pill and realize the shortness of life ... cherish every moment and be whatever YOU want to be. 

Everybody, in general, has great potential - do not live under the assumption that your life is a waste and you are nothing more but a parasite leeching off of those considered to be more beneficial or prosperous. Have faith in yourself, maintain a healthy and thorough diet, and assure yourself to always say "I love you" to those you are close to, such as your children, parents, sisters, brothers, lovers, or whoever. 

This actually reminds me of the Seinfeld episode in regards to Susie ... it doesn't matter who Susie actually is. We're in fact all Susies ... we're all part of the game of life and we must strive to succeed. We are the human race: we must preach the notions and ideals behind altruism and we must spread love. I want to kiss everybody in this blog section, seriously. I want to kiss everybody. I want to give rednote a wet kiss on the lips. I want to kiss letmedangle's bald head. I want to wet tongue Gyps' pretty little mouth. 

I love you guys, remember that.
Uploaded 10/28/2011
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