Independence Day Fireworks

  I'm not sure where you are or what your local laws are regarding fireworks, but I will relay my local California law to you as I know it: Safe & Sane fireworks (S&S) are allowed; no firework is allowed to be aerial, nor explosive in nature.  This basically limits legal fireworks to ground shows that "fountain", smoke, or grow (black snakes).  There are no public shows available nearby, nor have there been in recent years.    A contributor to the local newspaper has voiced his concern over his animals crawling under their beds in fear of their lives over the "war-zone like display" that the city had this year.  He asked for readers to make their voices heard at the city council meeting.  During the time that public comment was allotted, approximately two people spoke against all fireworks and six spoke in favor of S&S for fundraising and celebratory purposes.   The central complaint of the detractors of all fireworks is that the noise was too loud and their animals were in fear for their lives (loosely citing the possibility of post traumatic stress disorder veterans as a cause for their concern).  "Something must be done," they cry.  This is a city rife with gang violence, politics worthy of statewide headlines, and minimal safe activities/events for a city of appx. 160,000 documented residents.  Yet, they have the political voice.    I wrote a persuading article to the paper relaying my point that despite the major complaint being against currently illegal fireworks, residents were attempting to create legislation against all fireworks.  I see a great disconnect here as to what the problem was: fireworks in general, or illegal fireworks.  Even the fire chief and police chief voiced their concerns over enforcement being inefficient & impractical, yet the public took the podium to demand that their dear pooches be protected.  I'm not sure where you stand on the issue in your locality, but you can be certain that whether or not they are legal, we are going to have a damned fine fireworks show. 
Uploaded 07/12/2013
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