Lemmings, the Mammal of Our Times

It was a few years ago I befriended the father of my sons friend. He is a  Deputy minister for the Canadian government, an engaging enthusiastic soul. The last time I spoke to him I mentioned some scam that was discovered in regards to governance. He lit up a great big smile and said, " Don't complain about the gravy train, jump aboard." This attitude bothered me  and I no longer converse with him.

Now, that time has passed by, it is apparent he is right. There is no point fighting corruption, all it gets you is grief and people simply don't give a hoot. So, I have decided to board that gravy train and take up a cause celebre  of my very own. I hope you will all support me in my effort to make the world a better place.

Save the Lemming

Save the lemming is a world wide effort to save lemmings who's world has been turned upside down by human activities that cause them to perform suicide. Studies done by major universities have revealed that the once believed idea that lemmings became suicidal when resources ran low is in fact wrong.  Study after study has concluded that the preoccupation of lemmings jumping from cliffs to their death is actually caused by human technologies. 

Lemmings brains have unusually sensitive neurons that become erratic when bombarded with either radio waves, microwaves, cell phone transmissions and recently GPS  signals. Literally millions of these lemmings have been observed leaping to certain death, do to human activities.

As a concerned citizen, new activist and a curious aptitude to solve strange problems I have developed a technologically advanced helmet that can be fitted to our friends the lemmings at an extraordinary low cost of only 50 cents per helmet. They have been approved by independent , scientifically established, peer reviewed institutions. Yes, for that price they must be made in China at facilities that pay workers 25 cents an hour and who have been known to jump off buildings due to depression, but rest assured, those facilities are now rigged with nets to capture those individuals that might immolate like the lemming.  

Do Not Allow This Tragedy to Continue!!

This environmentally important effort has taken the time and money to make sure Chinese workers don't have the same fate. To prove this is a bona fide effort I have provided the below video. In partnership with Apple I have secured a production line to make my specially designed helmets. 

Please join with me and save the Lemmings! Time is running out!
Uploaded 03/07/2012
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