Level Up Your Cool Sh*t

Pixelated 8-Bit Black Sunglasses CPU Gamer Geek Novelty Glasses
Hot chicks will see you in these shades and wonder why real life is suddenly running at 8-bit capacity. You'll slide the glasses over your eyes and say, "deal with it," then have sex with someone even hotter than her

Nintendo Game Boy Dress
Turn your girlfriend into your Game Boyfriend with this sexy dress! And ladies, this is a great way to trick your asexual hipster boyfriend into ironically playing with the buttons on your crotch. Warning: If you beat this game you will be charged with domestic violence.

Sub Zero Macbook Decal Mac Apple skin sticker
Mortal Kombat or Street fighter? Mac or PC? Scorpion or Sub Zero? If you gave the correct one of eight possible answer combinations, you will enjoy this Sub Zero Macbook sticker. Let's just hope it doesn't cause the computer to freeze, jklol.

Mana Energy Potion - Six Pack
That's right noble wizard, Mana Potion is now available for your earthly digestive system. The arcane sanctuary of your matriarch's basement isn't complete without this mystic energy brew that one reviewer described as, "tastes like burned, blueberry pancakes."

CK Products Classic Video Games Controller Chocolate Mold
Relive fond memories of chewing on your NES controller, only this time without your mom yelling at you. Make two choco-controllers and enjoy one with a friend... or hold the second controller with your foot because you are an only child trying to do the Mega Man 3 invincibility glitch.

Pacman Silicone Ice Cube Tray
Finally, an answer to the age-old question: "why won't this goddamn ice look like Pacman?" Your guests will be delighted after your force them to notice the difference between cubes and these vaguely jagged shapes.

Guitar Hero Cufflinks
All those stuffed shirts at the opera are going to be wobbling their turkey necks in outrage when they get a load of these babies. They'll ask, "Guitar cufflinks?" and you'll tell them, "No. Guitar Hero Cufflinks," and then their brains will blow straight out of their goddamn powdered wigs.

12 Hole Ocarina From Legend of Zelda
Did you know the ocarina is an ancient instrument that's been around for over 12,000 years? Big effin' deal. The important thing is that now you can buy something that looks like an item from a Zelda game! Who knows, you might even learn how to play it (yeah right, lol).

Aperture Laboratories Portal Bookends
Check out these great Portal-themed bookends! But be warned: These bookends function solely as bookends and not as real portals. Please do not run at one bookend expecting to come out of the other; you will just hurt yourself and knock your books off the shelf.

Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Question Mark Box Coin Candies
Be like Mario and enjoy some coin-shaped candies straight from the item box. To remove candies from the container, head-butt the bottom of the box from below. If you find a hundred, feel free to walk into traffic because you just got an extra life IRL.

So In Conclusion people, level up your cool sh*t!

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