Mac Goes A Mile High

On Saturday, May 21st, 2011, among many things taking place... huge discussions over Nam's Whole New World Video, religious zealot groups claiming and awaiting the end of the world performing rituals, making special party punch or who knows what else. EBaumers logged in with brainwashed anticipation and repetitive motion awaiting to see the featured vids on the main page, with some retiring into the live chat. Those that did... had the spell binding privilege of tuning into MacDreidel's cam while he, dare I say... kicked it and chilled it up in EBaum Live Chat while riding a mile high. 
Mac, strapped safely to the seat of a plane,  wowed and baffled many with his decent video feed and his one minute late responses (due to the Internet connectivity of course.. he's not "slow by any means.) Strutting in black and white, plaid, button up collar, thick cotton hoodie, and black shades (pants unknown.. who knows if he was wearing em at all...) he was dressed to kill... however, irony pointed in a different direction when Mac made the announcement for the reason of his venture, letting us know it was taken on a sad note "... to see my grand daddy die." The words echoed though chat like a fresh rumor in high school. A serious and somber wave fell over all the whole room in a response of respect. As the good farewells and wishes of safe traveling flooded the wall, I attest to the fact that I might have seen the man shed the slightest crack of a smile. However, it was easily put off by a needed trip to the restroom.
On his return back, Mac was his usual self.. being a jokester, a chatty Cathy, discussing hot topics and giving his audience multiple views of the inside of the plane and showing the rest of the passengers he was riding with. When you heard the pilot make his announcements of landing in the the scratchy over head, I exhaled with relief knowing  that his plane had made it to its destination safely and in one piece. The idea was quickly disregarded when I remembered what had brought the venture on in the first place. grinning for the last time, he shed his good byes and signed off from chat, viewers assured that this was nothing he couldn't handle...

its fuckin' Mac.

Uploaded 05/23/2011
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