Meebo Bar: Goodnight Sweet Prince

Hey guys, as you may have noticed the chat bar at the bottom of the site has changed. I KNOW! WHERE IS THE GOOGLE+ button? 


To the day last year Google bought Meebo (the chat bar) for $100M. As expected they slowly started changing Meebo and removing their services. Today is the day that the Meebo chat client that we all know and love (genderbender) finally goes the way of VHS, Charlie Sheen's career and everyone's interest in sun dried tomatoes: It's done. 


But alas, all is not lost! As you can see there's a replacement chat bar that is (currently) 100% ad free. Your prayers have been answered. Or at least your hateful emails. The fine people who brought you the 404 page and the refrash button (r.i.p. 1,2,1,2) have built and implemented a new IM chat client for us to use to (not so) secretly talk behind bdoubled's back(s). Jah provides! 


Your buddies are all there. The ability to block MrsNekoJeans is still there. Your ability to miss White_Chocolate is still there. The only thing missing is that annoying sound when you get an IM and the emoticons that were built into Meebo. 


So we bid farewell to our beloved Meebo. A viking's funeral for you. 


viking funeral


Please keep in mind that this is the first incarnation of the new IM chat bar. We'll be improving things, adding features and generally making it the IM client of your dreams. If you have suggestions of what you'd like to see please let us know. All feedback welcome. 

Uploaded 06/06/2013
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