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At my job, when a coworker is leaving us, we take him out to lunch.  Not for people that get fired, but people that are voluntarily moving on, whether it's another position within the company, or another place entirely.  I'm usually the one that coordinates this.  I find out where the person wants to go, send the email to everyone that might be interested in going, and call the restaurant to give them a heads up that a large group will be coming in.  Yesterday we went to Hooters.  I sent an email a week ago so everyone would know.  A lot of people replied and said they were going, a few couldn't afford it, one guy had the day off already.  The usual stuff.  Bible Guy tells me he's not going.  I don't think much of it, until he says, "I can't believe you guys are going there.  I thought you were all christians."  I just walked away, not wanting to get into a discussion about how evil Hooters is.

Over the course of the week, people kept asking me what other people were going.  I’d give them some names and they’d ask about other people.  Bible Guy works about 20 feet away from me, and overhears nearly every conversation I have.  He’d pipe up in the middle and announce that he’s not going.  Of course, people would ask why.  He’d say, “I can’t really afford it, it’s a little out of my price range,” and people would accept that and go on about their business.  When they were almost out of earshot, he’d say, “Plus, I don’t think my wife would appreciate it.  I wouldn’t like it if she went to Chippendales.”


There are several endings to this.  Sometimes, nothing more was said, cause I didn’t feel like having the conversation again.  Other times the person that was walking away comes back and has the argument with him, sometimes it was me.  This scenario played out two or three times a day for the whole week.

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