Multi-million dollar conglomerates.

It's been a while since i've blogged about something controvertial, so here goes.

As most of you know, fast food, expensive iced coffee drinks and massive "get more for less" stores have been shaping our country sence the first French Fry was served.  But what has it done.

I'll tell you, it's made us into fat, lazy slobs who only care about who gets voted off the next reality show.  This does not just start from the vast majority of burger places that've extended their tantacles to every street corner that doesn;t have a pharmacy on it.

The whole industry started out on providing quick, inexpensive meal for the rural midwest.  These "quick, inexpensive meals" have turned into everyday meal options where families will go out of their way for a Biggy meal which is about the size of my fist.  Have you seen my fist?  It's scrawney!!!  And these "Biggy meals" will cost you 5-10 bucks, and make you hungry for another one after an hour.  IT'S REDICULOUS.

And now you need to understand here, these corperations are mearly doing their jobs.  They are expected by their owners to make as much money for as little food possible.  That means cutting corners on things like how they prepare the food or even threat their employees.  Read "fast food nation", it will open your eyes.

Now with this information out in the open let me ask you this:  When was the last time you had one of these "Biggy meals" and how much did it cost you?  Some of you will say "never" and some of you will say "just yesterday."  These meals are ok to have every now and then, but some of you who say "just yesterday" will have also had another one the day before, and might tomorow...I don;t think I should say this but...IT'LL KILL YOU TO DO THAT.

If you look down the street from any school, whether it be a middle, High or Elementary school, you will see some sort of burger vending, iced coffe drink selling, slurpee toting corner store.  These companies are getting us while we are young.

That is why is is US that must make the desision not the burger place down the street, it is the fact that kids are eating fast food 3-4 days a week.  We are getting FAT, CHUNKY and UNHEALTHY and it is OUR fault. 

You don;t need to eat out every day, eat in, cook some beef out on the skillet.  Then go out and join a sport that will keep you busy for an hour.  You don;t have to do it every minute you;re not doing homework, at school or sleeping.  3 days out of the week for an hour a day is plenty enough.  And for each day that you do a sport, go 2 days without a mocha-caffe-jine with a shot of addrenaline, it'll work for the best.

I understand some of you have kids, and use them as an excuse to go to fast food resteraunts because they held their breaths.  One thing I have to say is that if you let that get to you, you;re pathetic.  Just give your kids up for adoption because you're horrible parents.  Holding your breath does nothing.  And another thing I have to say is why not teach your kids to NOT eat at those fast food resteraunts?  These multi million dollar conglomerates are marketing specifically to kids and you as parents need to combat that. 

I need to tell you, i'm not perfect, just today I had a mocha java coffe thing which got me thinking on this subject.  It was delicious, I will admit, but it is also the last one I will have for at least a month.  They cost 5 dollars a pop and last 10 minutes.  So as I close this, I tell you to put the burger down (fatty) and STOP EATING.  quit blaming the fact that there are a plethera of them all over the place and blame it on the kids that use it as their main source of their diet.

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