My first blog.

I have chosen to write a narrative on "the dangers of CBT." It is as follows.

Whats that? No! My god its a penis, a lone penis. Sticking through a hole in an apparatus specifically designed for the event in which I am about to witness. Standing near this solitary half erect wang, is a woman; perhaps of African American descent. The unidentified female is wearing leopard print high heels of some sort, perhaps a stiletto. I dont know, Im not a shoe expert.

Looks like Mr. Piglets been havin some fun. She says as she slides her designer foot wear under the mans schlong. The dick flops around a bit as her shoe finishes its move. Now Im gonna have some fuuun. Our temptress then makes a bold move and firmly plants the ball of her right foot on the poor mans shaft. He cries OOHHH in a deep guttural voice. She then almost dances, as if around a Mexican hat to the scrotum. She steps somewhat lighter on his sack. Ah the man replies to the action.

She then slides to the left side of our protagonists penis, and lifts her foot high in the air. What is to happen next? I ask myself, unsure of this mans impending pain. Then with a precise yet mighty thrust the point of the womans high heel lands in the direct middle of the mans shaft. An extremely firm and relentless pressure is applied. OOOOOH OOOOOH OH GOD, IT HURTS! Proclaims the victim.          

Mercifully the heel is lifted from the mans shaft. Our antagonist giggles with delight as she is unaware of the horror to follow. Then with a gasp she utters Oh my god in a shaken voice. At this point a torrent of blood squirts from the mans tip. The essence of shock fills the room. Blood continues to gush as the shocked torturer leaves the view of the camera. A final Oh my god is said as the camera fades to black.

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