My Most Bizzare Sexual Experience

My most bizarre sexual experience was when I shit in Eriq's mouth while I fucked his dog. Nyyank was sitting in the corner jerkin it but he wasn't even looking at us. He was watching Brian eat on cam again. God it was fucked up. I'll never forget the moment I came. Right then my mom came in with a plate full of pizza rolls for us. She stopped suddenly and I came all over our snacks, I couldn't help it. It just happened. Well then she stripped and asked if she was too late for the party. We all ate the pizza rolls and 15 minutes later we were ready to go again.  We went at it like animals for the next 6 hours, but Yank just sat there, yankin, watching Brian eat.  This dude can eat.  After a while, Eriq's dog wasn't having it any more.  He must have shot a load in my mom at least 19 times but the little fucker wouldn't stop whining with my dick in his mouth.  His tiny little teeth were like little knives on my scroat, it was really getting me off.  Out of nowhere Eriq reached around and shoved his entire fist up my ass.  I freaked out.  Shitting in a dude's mouth is one thing but no way in hell I was gonna go for any of that gay shit.  I promptly pulled his arm from my anus, put my clothes back on, and left for the evening.  I'm pretty sure my mom is still in Eriq's basement.  Haven't heard from her for a while.  And I wouldn't doubt that Brian is still eating.  I hear NyYank every now and then stops jerking it to steal content from other sites and upload it here, which is strange since it violates the ToS, but hey I don't mind.  That's my story and if you don't like it you can get out.

Uploaded 07/24/2015
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