No, Thank YOU!

In the spirit of finding common ground with others who I may not know well, I decided to figure out how much I had in common with one Shezagodds. The following is an amended listing of those things I think we can both agree on, seeing as I copypastaed her list as a template for my own.



-big bathtubs (and you know why wink wink)

-good teachers (and hot ones)

-hershey kisses

-French kisses

-Australian kisses

-half hour fits of laughter (especially those caused by dulce de leche pronounced "douche delish" OR Juan Tabo "Jew-Ann Taybow"

-inner beauty

-outer hotness

-exposed outer hotness

-lingerie (particularly on the floor)

-people with a sense of humor

-people without a sense of humor who forgive the offensive things I say or do

-leg cramps in certain circumstances (only because it makes me wonder what they might do for a lady--mrowr)

-conversations so good that they are worth whatever sleep you miss to have them

-other interpersonal encounters that are so good you don't mind missing work the next day.


Okay, not bad. So what, I saw Wonderbra and thought "I like this chick" and maybe I got carried away. So what if I am now Googling her screenname and all potential aliases for pics of her in said Wonderbra. So what if I will likely be content imagining her in her Wonderbra?


Screw you guys.

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