Obama's Internet Hitmen!

Now this is a really strange story, within the context of my life. Upon sober second thought I think it it is rather cool. I've looked into this story and as far as I can gather it is actually true.

The White House created a new position called, the Director of Progressive Media and Online Response. The job includes dealing with negative stories and promoting Obama's online presence leading up to the 2012 elections.

According to The Huffington Post, the position, has been filled by Jesse Lee. For the last two years, Jesse has often worn two hats working in new media and serving as the White Houses liaison with the progressive media and online community. Starting this week, Jesse will take on the second role full time working on outreach, strategy and response, read an internal memo quoted in the Posts article.

So this guy will hunt down blogs and stories that put a negative spin on Obama and try to influence thought and information as a paid person. Sweet job! Unless he has some magical pendulum that puts you in a trance, I don't see anything wrong with someone who has close ties to the President, trying to right what is wrong within the internet community. In fact I welcome it.

I can easily endorse this idea because Jesse has taken on, what I would consider an impossible task. One slip up and he will loose all credibility. The internet is an unforgiving realm and when one such as Jesse sets himself up as an Oracle of Truth, it's either fail or win. I truly hope he succeeds in convincing most of us that Obama is a leader to be trusted, the World really needs that!

This is his Twitter page.
wedding_profile4_cropped_reasonably_smal @jesseclee44

Jesse Lee May 23, 2011


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