Patchouli Essential Oil: 11 Things You Never Knew

The earthy, complex nature of Patchouli essential oil makes it easy to rave about. Whether we're using it on its own or in some of our favourite blends such as Gyalabs and Peace & Calming, this versatile plant extract has many uses that are beneficial for you! It's musky scent is often blended with other complementary scents so people can enjoy smelling nice without being overwhelmed by something too strong - which also helps them relax when they need help relaxing their body after an stressful day at work/school etc...

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People have been drawn to the aroma of Patchouli oil for a long time. If you know anyone from Woodstock era, see if their memories come flooding back when they smell it or if it brings up happy times in someone else’s life that happened during this period where perfumes were popular (Just kidding). At least one person can tell me whether ghosts exist!


Patchouli essential oil has a lot more to offer in terms of applications. These nine fascinating facts will provide you with all of the Patchouli knowledge you require!

  • patchouli is a mint-family member, but it has an interesting scent that may not be for everyone! patches can either be chewed as gum or used topically and aromatically.

  • Steamed distillation of the leaves from this bushy shrub helps to carefully extract patchouli essential oils. This low-growing plant is found natively in Southeast Asia, but studies show that it can be grown successfully anywhere with an annual rainfall between 50 and 150 inches per year.

  • integrating Patchouli oil into your practice can provide benefits such as calming and grounding. Diffusing it or applying a few drops topically beforehand will create an atmosphere that is sure to help you reach nirvana sooner rather than later!

  • Patchouli is often used in blends to create an earthy aroma. It's also worth trying out this DIY lotion bar recipe that substitutes Lavender for Patchouili oil!

  • Use it as a woodsy base note when creating your personal perfume. Patchouli oil is a great way to stand out without drama, and with our DIY project you can make this for yourself!

  • Set your face for a night out with the latest beauty trend! Patchouli oil is known to have benefits that range from improving dry and dull skin, all the way down to making you look years younger. Apply 2–3 drops of this potent plant extract onto any area on your body where there’s trouble appearing later in life—you'll be glad it worked its magic when people start asking what secretes do exactly.

  • This essential oil has the power to create a calm, peaceful atmosphere in your home when diffused. Mussa is known for its ability with fatigue and stress relief so try this out!

With its powerful properties, Patchouli oil is the perfect solution for beating a cold or fever.

  • The ancient Egyptians worshiped this plant as the God of darkness, fertility and ordeals. It was also widely used to treat skin infections due its anti-inflammatory properties which reduce inflammation in your body while killing off any bacteria or viruses causing said infection. I heard that rubbing patchouli oil onto hands will help lower my fever by reducing heat production since it's cooling!

  • Get your fix of the Healing oils that smell like freedom with Young Living. Check out Magnify Your Purpose™, Abundance and Live With Passion products for some serious patchouli power!

  • A massage oil with patchouli is the best way to get your muscles working and prevent hair loss. Patchouli essential oil is a great way to keep skin looking young, healthy and vibrant. It can be used on all types of skins from dry cracked areas or oily acne-prone ones! With its regenerating properties, the essential oil of patchouli is a wonder for your skin. It can rejuvenate and renew all types of complexion from dry to oily or acne-prone!
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