Pathetic Americans

So a man lets the country and the world know that the NSA are spying on everything you are doing and storing that information in a giant data base, illegally to boot. The Chinese tell the Americans to stop spying on them- LOL- it's ridiculous that the country thought to be the center of illegal spying is now telling the US to stay out of their bedrooms. Now that's really pathetic. Ecuador, a third world nation to most that live there, is the saving graces to a man who embarrassed the Obama administration by telling the truth. 

Yet, the American people sit there on their enormous butts and let this shit happen? Perhaps they are like stunned deer in the headlights? "Oh, I don't care, I'm not doing anything wrong"- bunch of fucking losers. 

When I started blogging here I wrote about people who stood up to do the right thing and how their peers threw them under the bus. I could understand that. I could also understand how citizens of my country and any country could not believe their governments were capable of such things by cognitive dissonance and  pretend it is not real. I can even understand in certain countries that people are resigned to the idea that the whole system is corrupt and we must operate within it. 

What I do not understand, is how a country that proports to be the land of the free and the champions of democracy, stamp it out wherever they go, pass laws that go against their very stated essence, imprison citizens that reveal the corruption ingrained throughout their society and yet have the fucking gall to stand up at a high school football game and sing the Star Spangled Banner in front of their children!  Be proud for those who went before us to give us freedom, but don't think that fight has ended for anyone of us.

And where is that band who so vauntingly swore?

Uploaded 06/25/2013
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