Residential moving in the pandemic: How to ensure a safe move

Carrying out a residential move in the pandemic can be a very thorough task, but not impossible. We know that this moment requires greater care and increased attention so that you, your family and all the other people involved in the process do not run the risk of being contaminated by the new Coronavirus.

But with caution and rigor it is possible to move safely. That's why we've prepared some essential tips so you can plan and carry out your residential move in the pandemic with tranquility and safety.

That way, you won't have to postpone your dream! So let's get to the tips!

Designate only one person to accompany the change

It's not news that in these pandemic times we need to avoid any kind of agglomeration, including the smallest, isn't it? That's why it's essential to choose only one member of the family or even a trusted friend to accompany and receive the change.

This is a way to strictly follow the safety protocols in the fight against Covid-19 and literally avoid a future headache.

Get a first-aid kit

Of course, no one wants to feel sick during the commute or on arrival at the new home. But unfortunately, unforeseen events can happen.

Therefore, before the moving services in New York packs and removes your belongings, set aside a first-aid kit for any eventuality that may occur.

Wear masks and gloves throughout the move and then dispose of them

We have been living with masks daily for almost a year and, in some situations, with gloves as well. And at the time of moving, this reality would not be (and cannot be) different.

But, in addition to using these accessories during all stages of the move, it is important to discard them as soon as you are in your house with your belongings.

While there are cloth masks that can be reused, this change process requires a little more rigor and care. So throwing these items away is the best thing to do.

Keep the doors and windows of the property open at all times.

Ensuring good ventilation of environments is essential in all circumstances, including during a residential move in the pandemic. This means that you need to keep the doors and windows of your new home open so that the rooms can be airy.

In addition, this attitude prevents the door handles from being constantly touched, which reduces the chances of contamination.

Sanitize your hands, rooms and your belongings

You need to constantly sanitize your hands and do a good cleaning in all environments and surfaces in the house, such as doorknobs, counters, sinks, switches, and taps, among others.

Also don't forget to disinfect all your belongings as they are unpacked, including the smallest ones like remote controls and decorations. A good tip is to try to allocate all the packages in a single room.

Once this is done, sanitize the objects that are inside them and send them clean to the place where they will be. Definitely, gel alcohol, bleach and disinfectant can't be missed!

And our tips aren't over yet! Know that it is necessary to correctly dispose of the packages that were used to pack your belongings and that it is also essential

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So make an online quote with our team to have a residential move in the pandemic with complete safety and without worry.

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