Robert, The Haunted Doll

"What is this thing doing in a museum?", some people might ask, and the answer would be: it haunts. Robert, The Haunted Doll is one of the oldest legends, a story that lead to the making of many horror movies about living dolls possessed by demons. Who is Robert?

An artist from Key West named Robert Eugene Otto and his family took residence in a house in the heart of the city. As it was popular then, they had a nanny for their son. The boy was very attached to the woman, but his father didn't seem to like the Jamaican and he fired her. Her goodbye gift for the boy was a hand-made doll she prepared for him. The boy named her Robert, for some reason. His name was Eugene, often shortened to Gene, apparently named after his father (that was his second name). The dad didn't seem to care that his son named the creepy doll with his name. The boy took the doll everywhere with him.

The parents didn't seem to care that the boy talked to the doll. The servants, though, they found it very strange, especially because they sometimes heard a conversation between the boy and the doll from behind the door. Two different voices, one of which wasn't the voice of a boy.

The parents didn't care about the doll, which was the hot thing to talk about by many bystanders. Why? Because it had the tendency to change places by itself. Another interesting fact is that many people claim to have heard it it giggle. The first person in the family who figured out the doll has to be destroyed was Gene's aunt that came to visit her family. Strangely, she died of a heart attack on the same day she mentioned that the family should get rid of the doll.


If that wasn't creepy enough, it turned out that Gene never got rid of the doll. Even though he grew up. Even though he married a girl. He kept the doll seated on a honorary chair, as his family member. His wife went crazy after some time and died. Gene followed. New owners bought the house and noticed the strange doll there shows up in different places. Even after they took it to the attic. There was a child in the family that seemed to like the doll at first, but then scary things started to happen. The girl said that the doll moves, and people would sometimes see Robert in a window. The family moved out and the doll was soon moved to the East Martello Museum in Key West.


People often notice strange phenomena in the museum linked to Robert. Some plumber ran off after he heard a giggle, people reporting the doll would tap on the glass of its display or change its pose or face expression are some of the few reports. What do you think? Bull shit or is it haunted? Some people say that the doll causes the photos go blank or distorted when people tried to photograph the doll, although there's a ton of photos of Robert around the net.

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