Seriously, Kirkman...WTF? Walking Dead Spoiler Alert

If you know me you know that I haven't blogged here in a long time. You also know that I change my profile picture about as often as I change my pants. NEVER or for special occasions. I mean...pants don't get dirty if you wear underwear and don't shart. Amirite?


I have few passions in this life. My son, writing, tequila, midget porn, 2-for-1 meal coupons where you DON'T have to buy two beverages, chicks who will sext me boob pix on facebook, taking a wipeless poop, slow BBQ brisket...(OK, I have many passions) ...and ZOMBIES!!


Back in the late 70's I caught the middle of an old B&W horror flick. It was in the middle of the day. Who plays horror movies at 2pm? It was about these people holed up in an old farmhouse fighting amongst themselves while defending themselves against zombies.


Of course I'm talking about George Romero's original 'Night of the Living Dead.' It blew me away. Many decades later I remember EXACTLY the tension and suspense I felt as I "HOLY-SHITted" my way through the corny low-budget masterpiece. What a fucking good movie!!!


I have been an avid fan of the genre ever since, be it the slow ambling stage-made-up goons in Romero's first try to the sprinting infected in '28 Days/Weeks Later.' (Yes internet faggots; I KNOW the infected in '28 Days' were not actual zombies but FUCK YOU for splitting hairs.)


I am an OZGFFF (Original Zombie Flick Fan Fag) might have guessed that I cum every Sunday night I grab my dick and rub out a handy to The Walking Dead.


You either know or you don't. Fucking-A. Dale was one of my favorite characters on the show. The wise old foolish sage. RIP, brother. I will miss you. Tonight, in honor of you, I change my profile picture and get on this old website and write the rare blog.


I have said all that needs to be said. I mourn for a fictional character on a zombie soap opera. I am pathetic, I admit so I will log off and go to facebook. If any female FB users wish to send me a picture of their boobs my FB name is Eggo Joe. PLEASE help me to overcome my sadness. (HD only and no saggers)



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