Shit I Think Of

I've pretty much stopped blogging on here and almost never post vids or galleries. I hardly watch EBW media either. I go through phases. I have been mostly spending time inside my head, thinking up stupid shit like:


-Japan is way far ahead of us in cell phone technology. I guess the next step is a phone that you talk into which then turns into a robot dragonfly that flies to your friends and delivers the message.


-How come every time I call a business the automated voice tells me to please listen carefully as their menu has changed? Shut up you self-important recordings. You think I actually had the OLD menu memorized? Lick me, bitch. 


-I got kicked off the debate team for overuse of the phrase, "Fraid SO!!!"


-If I owned a business I would hire a black "IT" guy. He couldn't fix the computers if they broke but he could steal us some new ones...


-Why do Asians eat such weird shit?


-A chick told me my dick was like a banana. I asked if she meant long and thik and she said, "No, curved, covered in black spots, and with a skin that peels off easily.


-They actually sell a snorkle for men to use to go down on stinky pussy. How unromantic! Might as well just strap a barf bag to her leg and have at it.


That's a sampling of the random shit I think of on a daily basis. G'night.



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