The Biggest Bunch of Hypocrites in the World

Hello everyone. There has been a big stink lately about the so called "war on Christmas", and more recently I have been seeing on facebook and other various places people talking about the "Sandy Hook" shooting happening because "God" isn't allowed in schools.

I know most people on ebaums are not fundamentalist Christians but they might hold some theistic belief. This is not addressed to you (and quite frankly the people it really is addressed to won't ever read this more than likely). This is more of just a rant I felt like righting. So first of all the war on Christmas. I heard Bill O'reilly the other day talking about said war. He is upset at Atheist organizations wanting to take down Christmas decorations that are (and this is the key phrase here, folks) federally funded. I know for a fact that O'reilly and his followers would go absolutely ape shit if the government used money to endorse an Islamic holiday or any other religion not affiliated with Christianity.

This leads me to the Sandy Hook shooting. People have been saying that "God has been taken out of the school". There is nothing against students praying, reading the Bible, etc. The line is only crossed when the school endorses Christianity by making students read the Bible, or having a prayer over the loud speaker. Once again I think the majority of people who are Christian would go absolutely ape shit if the principle of the school was Muslim and prayed to Allah during student graduation.

Uploaded 12/17/2012
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