The Forgotten Occult History Of The Nazis

1. The Secret Doctrine

The Secret Doctrine by Helena Blavatsky was published in 1888 and it is pure mysticism posing as history. The two part book was revolutionary due to the fact that at the time spiritualism was on the rise in the world and Blavatsky's book made occult practices, which were usually secret and for the elite, open and available to the common man. The most important aspect of The Secret Doctrine is that Blavatsky first spoke of the Aryan race in this book, in which she set the location of this ancient race in Persia. Later, Austrian occultist Guido Karl Anton List would change the location of the Aryan race's beginnings to Northern Europe. This is where Hitler got the idea of bringing back the master race to the motherland.  


2. Ostara Magazine

The Nazis are highly known for their anti-Semitic views, however, antisemitism was widely accepted in Europe before the Nazis. The Third Reich conceived their idea of extermination from a popular Austrian magazine named, Ostara. Published by the former monk and occultist Lanz von Liebenfels, it was the first print in a wide publication that the idea of exterminating "lower" or unpure races were brought to light. Hitler's rise to power was a signal to Liebenfels that the prophecy was soon approaching. He went on to write at the beginning of  the 3rd series of Ostara, c. 1927 that, "One shall remember that the swastika and fascist movements are basically offspring of Ostara." A witness testified that a young Hitler owned copies of Ostara and would often visit Liebenfels.


3. Hitler's Pagan Poetry

Many young men fighting on the front, living deep in the trenches of World War I, wrote letters home to loved ones and brides to be. Hitler instead wrote poetry, fantasizing over the moon's signals crushing his enemies and the epic Wotan (sometimes spelled Woten) a major deity within Anglo-Saxon and German paganism. One poem reads:

" I often go on bitter nights
 To Wodan's oak in the quiet glade
 With dark powers to weave a union -
 The moonlight showing me the runic spell
 And all who are full of impudence during the day
 Are made small by the magic formula!
 They draw shining steel - but instead of going into combat,
 They solidify into stalagmites.
 Thus, the wrong ones separate from the genuine ones -
 I reach into a nest of words
 Then give to the good and fair
 With my formula blessings and prosperity. "


4. The Thule Society

Many speculate that Nazism began with a secret group named the Thule Society. Meetings would take place in Munich and a handful of soon to be  Nazi leaders, including Rudolph Hess, and Hans Frank, were already enthusiastic members. This secret society was the first sponsor of what was known then as the German Worker's Party, which would evolve into the National Socialist German Worker's Party (NSDAP of Nazi Party). One would have to sign a contract before joining the Thule Society which read: "The signer hereby swears to the best of his knowledge and belief that no Jewish or colored blood flows in either his or in his wife's veins, and that among their ancestors are no members of the colored races."


5. Erik Jan Hanussen Pact With Hitler

In 1932, Hitler's vision of a grand German empire was slowly slipping away. His mistress, the then twenty-year-old Eva Bruan, had tried to commit suicide while at the same time the Nazis were losing seats in the German congress. Hitler was on the verge of committing suicide himself until he meets the famous astrologer Erik Jan Hanussen. Hanussen guarantees Hitler that there will be a turning point in thirty days. He tells Hitler that he must go back to his hometown and find a mandrake root. Hanussen ended up finding the root in Hitler's hometown and on New Years day 1933, Hitler is presented with the root as a gift. On January 30th, 30 days after Hitler received the mandrake, Adolf was elected chancellor of Germany. On February 26th during a seance, Hanussen has a vision of a great building on fire. The next day the German Parliament would go up in flames. Hitler would have Hanussen executed soon after he and his party took control.


6. Himmler's Thought Of Reincarnation

As Hitler took power he condemned occultism even though his inner circle contained many occultists. Heinrich Himmler, who was Hitler's number two, was deeply entrenched in occult practices, believing that he was the reincarnation of the early German King Henry the Fowler who ruled from, May 24, 919 – July 2, 936. Himmler celebrated Henry the Fowler's birthday by conducting secret rituals and ceremonies at the former King's grave at Quedlinburg Abbey in Quedlinburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.


7.  Ahnenerbe

Himmler became more and more involved in the occultist traditions, becoming obsessed with the zodiac and hiring his own private astrologer. It's in this period in his life where he founded the Ahnenerbe or a research center for the beginnings of the Aryan race. The institute used faux science in an attempt to prove not only the superiority of the Aryan race but also the physic abilities of the so-called master race's ancient roots. Himmler uses his false findings to spread the word of the master race, the true faith in the eyes of the delusional leader.


8.  Wewelsburg Castle

If the Aryan race was a religion to Himmler, he needed to create a Mecca where the follows of the Third Reich could look towards. He chose Wewelsburg Castle in Westphalia to act as the home of Nazi cult gatherings and rituals. The site was mainly selected based on the fact that it was where witches would be tortured during the inquisition and also close to many sites of early Germanic pagan and occult ceremonies. Surviving records indicate that the castle was set up to recreate the cast that held the twelve Knights of the Round Table. The top twelve SS officers would sit around the round table in silent meditation.


9. Karl Maria Wiligut and Runes

One of Himmler's most trusted advisors was Karl Maria Wiligut, who was an advocate for the use of runes, and also stating that he had a psychic connection to the Nazis dead German ancestors. Wiligut was the high priest of the SS, leading them in many ceremonies. Even though it was known however before the war that Wiligut was a schizophrenic and a megalomaniac, he was still allowed to advise the top of the SS. Wiligut designed the Totenkopfring ("Death's Head Ring"), that was presented as a special gift from Himmler to his favorite soldiers. He Also designed a special chair for SS ceremonies, that was carved of wood and embossed with swastikas, pagan symbols, and runes.


10. Hitler's Curse

Hitler came to power on January 3, 1931, and committed suicide on April 30th, 1945, both days are both huge pagan sabbaths, there being only eight on the yearly calendar. The night Hitler committed suicide was known as Beltane, a holiday celebrated in Gaelic traditions as well as by Wiccans as the beginning of Summer, followed by the pagan holiday from March 19 - 22nd known as Ostara. The same name as Ostara Magazine which Hitler collected and drew his early views. Also, Hanussen whom we mentioned earlier, told Hitler if the bond between Hitler, himself, and the mandrake root was broken, all would be lost in flame in twelve years, which is exactly the amount of time of Hitler's reign.



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