The Rise Of Thiccness: An Evolution Of Women's Hips

Thicc is a term you have all probably heard by now if you've spent any amount of time online in the past few years. You may have asked yourself, what does thicc mean and where did it come from? When did women every where stop concerning themselves with their flat stomachs and thigh gaps and start focusing on their thiccness? Well, it shouldn't be much of a surprise but thiccness has been a thing for quite some time.

First, let us define what thicc means.

Ex. 1 - Venus of Willendorf - circa 25,000 B.C.E

This ancient clay model is only a few inches tall and it for a millennial has embodied the female form. Though, it is unclear if Venus was herself considered, 'thicc'. However, the significance of this statue to our present day obsession with thiccness is striking.

Ex. 2 - Kim Kardashian - circa 2017

Now in the modern world, thiccness is often associated with the queen of booty herself, Kim Kardashian. Kim is known for many things, but most notably her thiccness has been what set her apart from others. Her thiccness is what helped her turn a little bit of fame into an empire.  When looking at the rise of thiccness, Kim K is a large driving force towards thicc.

Ex. 3 - Models

The trend towards thicc isn't defined by the profitability of the thicc image, however, thiccness is legitimized when brands and corporation begin to appropriate the image for their own profits. Now many would argue whether Kate Upton is in fact, thicc, that's not the issue, but rather the implication that there is a comparison at all shows the presence of mind thiccness evokes in pop culture.

Ex. 4 - Pop Culture

You might remember when this picture of Hillary Duff went viral a few months ago over the fact that she looks thicc as hell in her tight pink dress. The images led to a number of memes and people re-branding her Lizzy McFire and so on and so forth. Pop culture is obsessed with thicc women and for good reason.  

And that is because some of the largest voices and movers of pop culture themselves have jumped on the thicc train. It's 2017 and people are redefining what they deem attractive and sexy. And don't expect the thicc wave to end soon because, by the looks of it, it has only just begun.

Ex. 5 Memes - circa 2017

Things move fast in today's world. From information too trends, the Internet has allowed ideas to spread faster than ever imaginable. And as thiccness has come into prominence, so have thicc memes, finally solidfying the presence of thiccness in modern culture. And who better to embody this trend than the giver of all memes, Sponge Bob Squarepants. 

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